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An IP camera is actually a video camera used for surveillance that can connect via the Internet and transmit video data to a remote location (either uploading images via the FTP, or storing actual videos). If you have the right software for it, the IP Camera can be accessed and controlled remotely, meaning you install it in your home and have access to it from your work or anywhere else where you have Internet access.

BSTI (Best Source Taiwan Inc) is a manufacturer of IP cameras (indoor, outdoor or wireless) and along with their cameras they also deliver the IP Camera Super Client, which is basically the software that you need in order to manage cameras and actually see the live video transmitted directly in your browser. This program is free only if you buy their IP cameras, specifically with the PD100V2, PD100V2W, PD100HV2 and PD100HV2W series, if you use it with another camera (by another manufacturer) it will work only for 1 hour. What you can do with IP Camera Super client:

  • Device status. This means that you’ll be able to see the ID of the device (MAC address, in case you are using a router with MAC filtering you’ll need that to add in your filter list), along with information regarding the firmware and connection status (DDNS, UPnP or P2P).
  • Live video. This is the part that lets you watch the video transmitted through the camera and grants you live control over it. You can zoom (in/out), move the camera in 8 different directions, show a mirror image or reversed, change the resolution (up to 640x480), modify brightness or contrast and make a snapshot.
  • Device management. This lets you configure about everything related to the IP camera, which includes: Alias Settings, Date&Time Settings, Users Settings, Basic Network Settings, Wireless Lan Settings, ADSL Settings, UPnP Settings, DDNS Service Settings, Mail Service Settings, Ftp Service Settings, Alarm Service Settings, PTZ Settings, Decoder Settings, Upgrade Device Firmware, Backup & Restore Settings, Restore Factory Settings, Reboot Device, Log

This control panel that IP Camera Super Client offers can be password protected (actually it supports user management), so this will prevent unauthorized access to the camera. This software can be accessed not only from Internet Explorer (which uses the ActiveX Mode), but also from modern browsers such as Firefox or Chrome (using a server “push mode”) and even from your smartphone (where no plugin is used for compatibility purposes).

However, the main problem with this program is that you won’t be able to run it for more than 1 hour with a camera that’s not manufactured by BSTI. So you will be able to use it with a FOSCAM IP camera for instance, but after one hour it will shut down by itself unless you purchase the program from their site. Or if you buy a hardware IP camera from them, you’ll get the software for free. Another problem reported by our users seems to be the fact that on XP it will often crash or record blank videos when movement is detected. A possible solution for the crashes can be using it in Firefox or Chrome, rather than via ActiveX.

Video guide for IP Camera Super Client:

IP Camera Super Client is a great software tool to use with your surveillance ip cameras regardless of their number as the program is configurable for multiple views, positions and angles. You can setup up to 64 pictures to be displayed on the software screen, connect, disconnect and setup your devices as you please, start or stop all of them at once, show history records for the cameras and more.

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